Rosemary Oil - 100% Pure, Aromatherapy Grade

Rosemary  Oil - 100% Pure, Aromatherapy Grade
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Product Description

Botanical Name: Rosmarinus Officinalis

Properties, medicinal use and benefits: Rosemary oil is used for cleansing skin, treating hair fall, dandruff, mental fatigue, headaches and migraine. It is also known for strengthening memory and relieve lymphatic congestion.

Rosemary oil is a tonic, astringent, diaphoretic, stimulant. It has the carminative properties of other volatile oils and is an excellent stomachic and nervine, curing many cases of headache.

It is employed principally, externally, as spiritus Rosmarini , in hair-lotions, for its odour and effect in stimulating the hair-bulbs to renewed activity and preventing premature baldness. An infusion of the dried plant (both leaves and flowers) combined with borax and used when cold, makes one of the best hairwashes known. It forms an effectual remedy for the prevention of scurf and dandruff.

Rosemary is also one of the ingredients used in the preparation of Eau-de-Cologne.

Size: 10 ml, 0.35 oz