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Most customers come to us after unsucessfully trying chemical based creams, lotions, gels, and quick over-the-counter solutions. Americans, and in general the Western world spend billions of dollars every year on chemical based skin and haircare products because very few people have the knowledge, access, understanding and respect towards the extraordinary power of herbs. Roots Herbal Industries and Exports brings to you something different from anything you have ever used--an absolutely unique combinations of rare, powerful and expensive medicinal herbs and essential oils capable of treating almost every skin and hair disorder known to us. Read on, explore our products and see for yourself how we differ from everything else.

Herbs are a wonderful gift of nature, compatible with both human skin and hair. They are used as powerful aids in treating almost any skin and hair problem. Unlike chemical based products, herbs are by nature more friendly to human body and therefore are completely safe, extremely effective and have almost no negative side effects.

Roots offers natural herbal ayurveda treatment and cure for stretch marks, dark circles around eyes, pimples, acne, white skin patches, brittle nails, superfluous or excessive hair, and wrinkles. We also make herbal facials for dry skin, oily skin, glowing complexion, fair skin, 100% pure herbal massage oil, tanning oil, scalp and hair oil, 100% pure aloe vera, cucumber and hibiscus gels. For hair care we offer henna and non-henna treatments for hairloss, grey hair, splitends, dandruff and many other scalp disorders. We primarily deal with removal, remedy and elimination of strechmarks, especially stretchmarks caused due to pregnancy, weight loss, old stretch-marks, colored strech-marks, dark circles around eyes caused by lack of sleep, work, or heriditary reasons, anti wrinkle treatment, cure for facial wrinkles due to improper skincare or age, and treatment, prevention of pimples and acne.

Roots herbal beauty products are based on thousands of years old Indian Ayurveda system of medicine. They are the result of ancient knowledge on plants and modern scientific knowledge on herbs provided by the Indian Institute of Herbal Sciences-- a pioneer in research on herbs for many decades. Most herbal beauty products in the United States and Europe are promoted as natural and pure even though the herbal content is less than 10%, and in most cases as little as 1%. Unlike those, Roots herbal products, as they claim, are completely natural and 100% pure with absolutely no chemicals, preservatives and artificial fragrances. The composition of Roots products is 100% pure dried powders of herbal plants mixed with essential oils. It is practically not possible to get any more natural than Roots.

ROOTS HERBAL INDUSTRIES AND EXPORTS is committed to providing everyone with non-chemical, pure, effective, safe and completely natural beauty aids. Ancient Indian yogis have searched the forests for medicinal plants for thousands of years. We at Roots bring through our products all that ancient knowledge and adventure right into your hands so that you could use them in the comfort of your homes. Give Roots a try; you will be glad you did.