Stretch Marks, Pregnancy & Weight loss Stretchmarks - treatment, removal, remedy, prevention and cure

Stretch Marks, Pregnancy & Weight loss Stretchmarks
Stretch Marks, Pregnancy & Weight loss Stretchmarks
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Comes with one 40 gm pack of herbal blend and one 100 ml bottle of Aloe Vera Gel or Cucumber Gel

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Product details: Unlike other stretchmarks products, this is not a fancy cream or lotion. Our strech marks product is an ancient Ayurveda method of natural remedy, removal, treatment, prevention and cure for stretch marks particularly those stretch marks caused by pregnancy and weight loss. It is a 100% natural herbal blend of rare, expensive medicinal plants and essential oils specifically meant for the removal prevetion and treatment of stretch marks. There are absolutely no chemicals or preservatives. The product is in the form of a powder and has to be mixed with aloe vera gel or cucumber gel to prepare a paste before application. Product comes with gel.
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Results and Effects: Extremely effective in the removal, treatment, remedy and cure of stretch marks and other pale areas on skin, especially those caused by weight loss and pregnancy. Works on all kinds of stretch marks including red, white, or pink stretch marks. Equally effective on old stretch marks. Works on all kinds of skins regardless of race or color. The only thing that determines how quickly it works is how well the skin responds to herbs. Response varies with individual's skin metabolism and texture. It also helps treating body itching and skin irritation. Additionally, it's a miracle smoothener, natural moisturizer, and skin softener. The presence of Sandalwood and Rose Oil keeps the skin naturally fragrant all day.

Ingredients: Herbal blend contains the following herbs and essential oils. Click on any ingredient to see its medicinal use and value.
Sandalwood, Papaya, Aloes, Basil, Khus, Rose Oil, and Almond Oil. Plus, Aloe vera or cucumber Gel is added to prepare the herbal paste before it is used.
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Preparation: Empty an entire package into a bowl and add 100ml of Aloe Vera or Cucumber Gel. Mix by adding 2-3 teaspoons of water each time until it becomes jelly-like paste. Refrigerate paste in an airtight container.
Pictures of herbal blend and paste before and after mixing with gel.

Usage: Take required amount of paste before each usage and add half-to-one teaspoon of milk and mix with the paste. Remember NOT to add milk to the entire paste. You have to add milk only to the quantity you are using each time. You may also add a teaspoon of honey. It is not an absolute necessity to add milk or honey but both are excellent natural cleansers and they help with the penetration of herbal oils into the skin. You can add any kind of milk (whole, skim etc), and you could even substitute with plain yogurt if you like.
Clean the affected areas with warm water to open the skin pores. You could also use it immediately after shower. Apply gently over the areas and massage thoroughly in circular motion for at least 5 minutes. Add a few drops of water if the paste becomes dry during massage. Some paste gets absorbed by the skin and begins to dry because the skin is absorbning the oils and moisture from the paste. Leave the paste on for about 30 minutes or until completely dried out and then rinse with warm water. See rinsing tips below.

Rinsing tips: The following rinsing procedure will help get the maximum benefit from herbs. Instead of simply washing the paste off, first dab the dried paste with water to make it wet. Then slowly move the paste with fingers in circular motion as you massage and remove the paste at the same time. When paste dries out again just rinse it off with warm water. This way the skin will completely absorb all the oils from the herbs. DO NOT wash with soap for at least an hour--that will wash away the herbal oils and juices the skin just absorbed.

Application frequency: Use 3 times a week. Each course (1 herbal pack and 1 aloe vera gel) gives between 3-5 weeks of usage depending on how much and how many areas the product is being used.

Treatment duration: On an average most customers use this product for 2-3 months. You could expect to start seeing results in the first 2-3 weeks.

Before and after pictures:

Before and After Pictures
Close-ups of exactly the same area of the body to show how our Body Rub product helps reduce the stretch marks
Before After 5 weeks After 7 weeks

Pictures to show how our Body Rub product helps reduce the stretch marks near breast area
Before After 5 weeks