Hibiscus Gel

Hibiscus Gel
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Product Description

Ingredients:Contains 100% Pure and natural Hibiscus flower in finely ground powder form with absolutely no chemicals and additives. Extracted from the hibiscus flowers, this is a nature's gift for all hair treatments.
hibiscus flower
Hibiscus Flower
Effects: Helps reduce and prevention of graying, balding, hair-loss, dandruff, split-ends, and many scalp disorders. Excellent natural conditioner.

For best results begin using this product at the first signs of any of the above symptoms.
Before and After Pictures
The following cases are an evidence to show how effective our herbal combinations can be in treating almost any hair and scalp disorder.
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Preparation of Paste/Gel: Add 200 ml of warm water to an entire pack and mix well until it becomes a fine paste. Paste must be refrigerated in an air-tight container.

Usage: Slightly wet the scalp first. Take a cotton pad or cotton ball and apply the paste all over the scalp starting from the roots. Try to reach the entire scalp and then gently massage for a couple of minutes. If you have split ends, apply paste to the ends of the hair. Leave it for 30-40 minutes. Let it completely dry and then simply rinse it off in shower.