Lavender Oil (10 ml, 0.35 oz) - 100% Pure, Aromatherapy Grade

Lavender Oil (10 ml, 0.35 oz) - 100% Pure, Aromatherapy Grade
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Product Description

Botanical Name: Lavandula Vera

Properties, medicinal use and benefits: Lavender oil helps to relax, calm nervous system, and is a good sedative.

Lavender was used in earlier days as a condiment and for flavouring dishes to prevent indigestion and stomach disorders.

It has aromatic, carminative and nervine properties. Though largely used in perfumery, it is now not much employed internally, except as a flavouring agent, occurring occasionally in pharmacy to cover disagreeable odours in ointments and other compounds.

Red Lavender lozenges are employed both as a mild stimulant and for their pleasant taste.

The essential oil, or a spirit of Lavender made from it, proves admirably restorative and tonic against faintness, palpitations of a nervous sort, weak giddiness, spasms and colic. It is agreeable to the taste and smell, provokes appetite, raises the spirits and dispels flatulence.

A few drops of the essence of Lavender in a hot footbath has a marked influence in relieving fatigue. Outwardly applied, it relieves toothache, neuralgia, sprains, rheumatism, healing burns, wounds, cracks, and skin inflammation. Also used in treating acne, psoriasis, sunburns, hairloss and migrane.

Size: 10 ml, 0.35 oz