Our Guarantee and Mission

Ayurveda's primary mission is service. Our products are based on thousands of years old ancient Ayurveda medicinal science. Our aim is to help everyone with our unique herbal combinations that no other company provides. We receive several hundreds of feedback letters from our satisfied customers all over the world. Chemicals have no place in our products. Over 100 different herbs and essential oils go into the making of our all-natural products. We use super high-quality genuine herbs, essential oils and 100% pure gels, most of which are very expensive, rare, seasonal and highly effective. We guarantee results to anyone who uses our product with discipline. As you can see, these products are not creams or lotions. They are very unique in their combinations as well as in the method of usage. As long as you use them properly there is absolutely no reason why you will not see results and we guarantee it. If you do not start seeing results within 30 days, we will make a refund with no questions asked according to our Refund Policy. All we ask of you is to use them the way they are supposed to be used. Believe in the healing power of herbs because nature has an answer for everything. Give Roots a try, you will be glad you did.

Roots Herbal Industries and Exports