We receive hundreds of feedback letters from our previous customers. It is not possible to put everything here but here are a few things some satisfied customers wrote us.

Stretch Marks
Dark Circles & Bags Under eyes
Pimples & Acne
Spots & Blemishes
White Skin Patches
Total Haircare, Henna Haircare and Hibiscus gel
Facial Wrinkles
Glowing Skin and Fair Complexion
Dry and Oily Skin
Superfluous & Excessive Hair
Aloe Vera and Cucumber Gels

Stretch Marks:

I used to have very deep and big stretch marks. I just finished the second corse and the stretch marks already got thinner and now you can only see the marks when you take a really close look. Your products are expensive and really messy. In the beginning I really didn't like it, but after some time I enyojed massaging the paste into my skin. It takes approximately 3 weeks until one can see any results at all, that's why one should never give up! If I continue seeing positive results I belive that it is possible my stretch marks will dissappear fully. I never thought this could happen. I am totally impresssed, thank you very much! Chemical free cosmetics seem to be the only working solution for human skin care.
--Marion, Germany

I have to tell you that your product is a true miracle. I am a young woman and I pay a lot attention to my apppearance. But for about a half a year now I started haveing complexes about the stretch marks on my brests. Even though they were pretty light, the bothered me tremendously. I have been using your product just for a few days now and I already achived unbeliveable results! I can't belive how lucky I am, because so far no product ever worked for me! Finally those little cracks on my skin are disappearing. I don't know how I could thank you! Finally I can look at myself in the mirror again, thank you!
--Anna, Germany

I've tried many stretch mark treatment from local drug stores and none of them have worked. I've only been using this product for about 1 month and seen some incredible results.
--Jessica, OH

Its the best thing ive ever tried for my stretchmarks! I was left with severe stretchmarks after the birth of my son & was also suffering from loose skin on my stomach aswell but the bodyscrub worked wonders & is also tightening the loose skin aswell as fading stretchmarks!
--Miss. MARTIN, UK

I used your stretch marks product after I had a baby. Took me a couple of times to get the hang of it but once I did, it was fun to use and the results were amazing. I tried so many when I had my first child but nothing comes even close to the way your product worked. Great stuff.
--Jennifer, Florida

I had pretty bad stretch marks on my stomach after I had my daughter. When I saw your website a year ago, I did not buy because I was not completely convinced. Also I thought it was bit pricy. In the meantime I only ended up wasting more money on other useless stuff. Three months ago I ran into your site again and decided to place an order. I regret that I did not buy the first time a year ago because this product is just too good to overlook. What a change I have seen in just three weeks. I used it for two months and now I am ready for summer without any embarassment.
--Kate Fleming, Sydney, Australia

My wife bought your product Body Rub for stretch marks for herself. I have had psoriais for a while and have not had much luck with any treatments. While she was using it, out of curiosity I used the herbal paste for my psoriasis problem. I know that you guys do not sell it for psorisis but I have to tell you that this is the best thing I have ever used. It has been only three weeks but I cannot believe how much change I have seen. Perhaps you should start selling this as a treatment for psoriasis as well because there are many people like me with this problem. Thank you and keep up the good work.
--Greg Newman, New York

I used your stretch mark product for a week already and I'm already seeing good results. My skin is very smooth and my stretch marks are lightening. I had pinkish stretch marks and now they are a pale light pink. Thanks for your product I recommend it to others to use. It doesn't hurt to try.
--Jill, MA

I am a black woman and your stretch marks product was such a blessing to me. I gained and lost lot of weight due to my pregnancy and I had stretch marks all over my body. For almost four weeks I saw almost no change. I put my faith in it and after five weeks my skin seemed to get used to the herbs and then I started seeing results. I used it for a total of two months, and even though it wasn't the easiest product to use, I persisted and my efforts paid off. I lost almost 80% of the marks and I am going to use it for another month to see if I can achieve full results. If you have patience and faith, you will love this product.
--Sholanda, Missouri

Last year I was so embarassed to go to beach due to my stretch marks. This year I can't wait to go. Thanks to your wonderful product.
--Melanie, New York

When I prepared the paste for your stretch marks product my first reaction was God this crap is messy and mud-like. Soon I began to think that this stuff is really exotic and so naturally fragrant. Never seen or used anything like this. So natural, so real and so effective. This stuff gave me the most significant results than anything I ever used.
--Grace, Iowa

These are fantastic products. I used the stretch marks product and my daughter tried your pimples treatment. Both gave phenomenal results. In three weeks my stretch marks were half visible and in six weeks I could barely see them. In addition it is a super skin smoothener. I highly recommend Roots to others.
--Christina, UK

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Dark Circles Under Eyes:

I loved your dark circles and wrinkles products. They gave me such wonderful results. It was unbelievable. I look much younger and beautiful now and all my family and friends want to buy your products now.
--Tina Wong, Singapore

I lived with circles around my eyes for 20 years. I don't know how many things I tried. A friend referred me to your site and thought I would give it a shot. What an amazing product you people have. My dark circles disappeared in a month while my self-confidence went sky high. I cannot thank you enough for what your product did to me.
--Jason, Texas

I am new user of your dark circles product, and must tell you that I love it! I have extremely thin skin, which accentuates this problem all the more, and I've noticed a discernible difference in less than a week. And you're right, all of the products whose manufacturers make great claims for really do not work! If I could re-coup all of the money I've spent over the years, I'd be wealthy! I've also recently ordered your acne and dark/spots blemish products, and am very anxious to see what they can do.
Thank you for such effective and natural products. Just proves that dealing with the body naturally both inside and out, is always the best way to go.
--Jennifer, CO

Dear Roots Herbal,

I have recently purchased your under eye dark circles and puffiness remover herbal extracts. I have been using it for almost 1 month now, and have almost received the results I am looking for. Is it alright to use it for one more month?

Thank you for your time and thank you for changing peoples lives with your wonderful products!

--Glen, US

Hi. I just gave my daughter the dark circles product about 2 weeks ago. She had circles and bags under her eyes that developed from a dog allergy (about a year ago). She is a 24 year old actress who does not need to look older than she is. I just saw her and I couldn't believe the difference. She puts it on all over her face and said that it is the most amazing product. Now of course I am going to order it for myself in a couple of days. I will be sending you an order for 2 more months. I am glad I found your website.
--Mrs. Dean, NY

Your dark circles product changed my life. For years I looked like a racoon, and within a week of using your stuff I was a different man. You can count on me bringing in many customers for you.
--John Musto, California

I was skeptical in the beginning because I wasted so much money on useless dark circles products. Then I read what many people wrote about Roots product for dark circles in several message boards. Thought I would give a last try and I am so glad I did. I saw 50% difference in 4 days in my bags under eyes. In two weeks it was as though I have a new face. Thank you so much for coming up with something so good and useful for so many. I strongly recommend this product to everyone.
--Susan Hartley, Chicago

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Pimples and Acne:

My teenage son had pimples and acne for two years and was constantly teased at school. He found your site and asked me to buy your product and I am so glad I did. Unlike other products, this one seems to give him permanent results because his pimples are not only disappearing but are also not coming back. Best part, thanks to you, I don't have to deal with his moods every time a pimple shows up.
--Beth, San Antonio

Your pimples and acne product is great. My face never felt so good. My skin is smooth, soft and I have very few pimples now. I cannot thank you enough.
--Natalie, San Francisco

I get cured at last, it's miracle!!!! Used pimples, spots and belemishes products
--Migi, Hong Kong

Absolutely loved your pimples product. Many thanks.
--Angela, London

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Spots and Blemishes:

Their spots and blemishes product does work, and being a woman of color, it's hard to find products made for unique skin tones like mine. I recommend using this product, the time and trouble is worth it.....
--Tesheca, NJ

Just the product I needed. The big dark spot on my neck lightened up for the first time only four weeks after using it. Very very impressed.
--Tony, Little Rock

This product reinforced my belief in the power of herbs. My daughter was born with a dark patch on her right arm. We tried many things over the years with very little result. We tried this product upon the recommendation of a friend who used your stretchmarks product. I am so glad I did because 10 weeks later the patch is only half visible. I am certain that after using for few more months the patch will almost go away. We thank you from our hearts for providing these miraculous herbal blends.
--Janice, Leeds, UK

I get cured at last, it's miracle!!!! Used pimples, spots and belemishes products
--Migi, Hong Kong

White Skin Patches, Vitiligo:

I am a black woman and I used your White skin patches and stretch marks products. Both have given me excellent results. I am glad to have found your products.
--Yolanda, New York

Hello, just want to let you know that the white skin patches herbs really helped me a lot. I fell itchiness in the beginning but after a few applications the irritation went away and my skin began to improve. I am into my second month and I see lot of improvement on my patch. Thank you.
--Klaus, Switzerland

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Total Haircare, Henna Haircare and Hibiscus Gel:

I just used your Total Haircare this a.m.....and am really wowed by this product. Excellent product. My hair is glowing. Also have used 2 of your facial masks...the Wrinkle Mask and the Glowing Skin and Fair Complexion Mask (used this Fair Complex. Mask 1st time last p.m.).....Have used your wrinkle mask on sev occasions. Actually, I find the Glowing Skin and Fair Complex. Mask does more for lines than the Wrinkle Mask (for me, anyway). Love both of these masks! thx for great products. I can't believe my good fortune in finding these products! I have your undereye mask and Superfluous Hair Mask that I have not had chance to use either of these yet. I am encouraged to now since I find the ones I have used so beneficial.
--Jean, NC, USA

your total hair stuff is such blessing. I have suffered from hair fall, dandruff and itchiness forever. I have used it for 3 months. My dandruff disappeared and I don't have to scratch my head anymore. It was so embarassing but now I do not worry about it anymore.
--Yasmeen, Michigan

Love your hair care herbs. My hair feels great and I hardly lose any hair anymore.
--Sheela, London

Thank you for the Total hair care and the scalp oil. I cannot tell you enough how much difference it has made.
--Nicole, Sydney, Australia

Your hibiscus gel is the best thing I have ever applied on my hair. I used it with Aloe vera as you recommended and my hair feels softer and healthier than ever. Very pleased with results.
--Jane, Chicago

Hello, I am writing to inform you that the Henna hair herbs I have been using for the past 2 months have begun to show some great results. Still waiting for the grey hair to go away but like you said it might take longer but over all my hair feels so wonderful and never looked better. Thank you for the wonderful herbs.
--Monica, UK

Finally I stopped losing my hair. Well almost. Thank you Thank You Thank you!! I didn't even know there is such a thing called hibiscus gel until I found you guys. I recommend your products to many people. And yeah, thanks a lot for your excellent email support and for answering so many of my email so promptly.
--Graham, St. Louis

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Wrinkles Facial:

I use the wrinkles facial every week and what a joy it is to use it. I cannot explain how wonderful my skin feels after the rinse. It really makes me feel younger and my skin healthier. God bless.
--Margaret, Salt Lake City

I stopped going for facials outside after I started using your wrinkles herbs and gel mix. Best value I ever got for my money. My lines are beginningg to even out and skin is softer smoother and younger that I have felt in a very long time.
--Genie, Sacremento

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Glowing Skin and Fair Complexion:

I just used your Total Haircare this a.m.....and am really wowed by this product. Excellent product. My hair is glowing. Also have used 2 of your facial masks...the Wrinkle Mask and the Glowing Skin and Fair Complexion Mask (used this Fair Complex. Mask 1st time last p.m.).....Have used your wrinkle mask on sev occasions. Actually, I find the Glowing Skin and Fair Complex. Mask does more for lines than the Wrinkle Mask (for me, anyway). Love both of these masks! thx for great products. I can't believe my good fortune in finding these products! I have your undereye mask and Superfluous Hair Mask that I have not had chance to use either of these yet. I am encouraged to now since I find the ones I have used so beneficial.
--Jean, NC, USA

Hey your Glowing Skin stuff is just fab. Love it.
--Meena, Birmingham, UK

Been using the glowing skin product on my face for five weeks. There is some improvement in my complexion but more than anything my skin feels absolutely fantastic soft and healthyůbtw your aloe vera is exceptional.
--Andrea, Las Vegas

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Oily and Dry Skin Facials:
Your facial product for dry skin was just too good. My skin feels absolutely wonderful, smooth, soft and young. I spend so much money on facials going to salons. I got 6 facials from your course for a fraction of what I pay on one facial in salons. I am your customer for a long time to come.
--Sofia, Germany

I am using the oily skin facial and cucumber gel. Great Great products!!! Two thumbs up!!!
--Tiffany, New York

Superfluos and Excessive Hair:
I have had problem with excessive hair above my lips since my teenage years. I went through several painful waxing procedures regularly. Waxing helped but the hair always grew back. I used your Superfluous and excessive hair product with dedication for 6 months. For the first time I can tell that the hair is not growing back the way it used to. Whatever little hair is growing it is growing extremely slowly. I am really praying and hoping that someday the hair will completely stop growing. Thank you for something that gave me hope and actually showed some results.
--Tina, Vancouver

I used it for four months on my arms before seeing any big difference. Patience and regular use seems to be the key. After prolonged use the herbs do seem to slow hair growth. I am not sure yet if it will completely stop hair from growing forever. Only time will tell. Certainly worth a try as a long term solution.
--Maria, Spain

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I had a cut few years ago on my cheek which resulted in a white scar for which I used your scars treatment. It did not help much with the bumpiness but it certainly made a significant difference in blending the scar color with surrounding skin. I will keep using it because this is the best result I got so far from anything I used.
--Jean, Nebraska

Used both pimples and scars products for my acne scars. Pimples herbs gave me much better results than the Scars product. Good product though.
--Dennis, Melbourne, Australia

Very very good. It really showed good result for my scar on my left arm. Thank you!!
--Kim, Singapore

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Aloe Vera and Cucumber Gels:

I am now using your aloe gel products and I'm very impressed with the feel I get after using them. I am a Japanese national living in Hawaii and Japan and have the necessary work permits to work and have my own bussiness in the USA and Japan. I'm 54 years old and many people say how young my skin looks and I really enjoy using rootsherbal. Please send me information on your "business opportunity" I really would like to be sharing these products with others and to sell and create a business for myself. I have used many products from the Japan and US markets and I'm constantly learning about skin care. This is my big goal in life to help people with there skin care. I'm really interested in skin care. Aloha and Mahalo,
--M. Kanezuka, Hawaii

Best aloe vera gel I ever used.
--Jessica, New York

Every evening when I come back from work or from a night-out I massage and wash my face with your cucumber gel. It truly removes the dirt and smoke off my skin pores and gives a truly fresh feeling. Super gels you have. Thank you.
--Natalie, Dallas

Simply incredible!!!...100% natural is 100% natural. Finest cucumber gel everrrr..
--Sally, Miami

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